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The RBSCP expects that you discuss the Training levels document with your line manager before applying for courses to discuss which training is appropriate for you to attend.

Struggling to complete an application?

Fill in the RBSB Training Application Form and send it to



Your line manager will no longer need to approve your application online but there is an expectation that you notify us that you have authorisation to attend this training in Section 2 of this application form instead.

You are reminded that courses are still free of charge but there is a cost non-attendance charge of £25/£50 or £100 dependant on the length of the course. This is detailed in the Charging Policy, available on the menu bar on the left of this page.

Please complete this form in full (Incomplete applications will not processed)

Deadline for application is 2 weeks before the training course date.

Course Selection


Your Details

* Please note that all information relating to the course, including confirmation of the place, will be sent to this email address.

Manager's Consent

Where applicants do not have a direct line manager (for example Head Teachers or Independent Workers), please consult with your Service Safeguarding Lead before answering the questions below.

If you need to speak to an Independent Safeguarding lead please email a request for Training levels advice to

"I have spoken to my Manager / Safeguarding lead about the Multi Agency Training Levels Guidance and they support this course application and feel it is relevant to my role and current work."


"I have spoken to my Line Manager/ Safeguarding lead and they authorise the use of the cost code or Billing address for non-attendance charge should I not attend."


The name of the Line Manager / Relevant Safeguarding Lead that you have spoken to about the above.


Billing Details

For Rochdale Council Staff Only

All of our RBSCB training courses are free of charge but there is a charge should you book a place & not attend or not send apologies 5 working days before the course delivery date.
Your application will not be processed unless you provide a Rochdale Council Cost Code or for all other service providers a billing address below.
* Please ensure your cost code is entered in the following format:
eg: G1234/1234

Other Service Providers

Name & email of the person who oversees the use of this Budget (Rochdale Council cost code / or for all other services the budget linked to the Billing address)

* indicates a required field

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