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RBSCP/RBSAB               Multi- Agency Safeguarding Training Pool


Information for trainers:

Sexual Abuse

Making Noise: Children's voices for positive change after sexual abuse

Child Sexual Exploitation

Publication of CSE definition

Tackling CSE Progress Report: Home Office

Public Health England literature review (July 2017)

"It's not  on the radar" The hidden diversity of children and young people at risk of CSE in England. July 2017

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

NICE guideline: Harmful Sexual Behaviour Among Children & Young People. Sept 2016

NSPCC Children and young people who engage in technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour May 2017

Workforce perspectives sexually harmful behaviour July 2017


Making Connections: Understanding how local agencies can better keep missing children safe Children's Society July 2017


SSRG - special issue on child neglect

Domestic Abuse

Child First Report

Complex Safeguarding

Voices of the Community: FGM in Greater Manchester

Toxic Trio

North East Lincolnshire SCR - disguised compliance

Resources for families affected by substance misuse






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