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Contextual Safeguarding Conference February 2021

Joint RBSAB/RBSCP Contextual Safeguarding conference

19 and 24 February - morning and afternoon sessions each day.

Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Partnership and Safeguarding Adults Board are delighted to announce the dates for their Contextual Safeguarding conference.

What is contextual safeguarding?

Contextual safeguarding, recognises that as young people grow and develop they are influenced by a whole range of environments and people outside of their family. For example in school or college, in the local community, in their peer groups or online. Children and young people may encounter risk in any of these environments.

Sometimes the different contexts are inter-related and can mean that children and young people may encounter multiple risks.

Contextual safeguarding looks at how we can best understand these risks, engage with children and young people and help to keep them safe.

It's an approach that's often been used to apply to adolescents, though the lessons can equally be applied to younger children, especially in today's changing world.

The conference and sessions will provide practitioners with:

·         A basic understanding of what contextual safeguarding is and how it is different to child protection safeguarding

·         How and why the approach was developed

·         An understanding as to what your role and responsibilities may be in a contextual assessment

·         The values and domains of contextual safeguarding

·         What a contextual assessment and response could look like

·         An understanding of context weighting, peer mapping and safety mapping

·         Local picture

Although the conference focuses on and is informed by work with young people, the theories and approaches discussed can be adapted and used by practitioners who work with adults with care and support needs.

Attendees will hear from Gail Hopper, director of children’s services at Rochdale Borough Council and Greater Manchester lead for complex safeguarding.

There will also be sessions from Greater Manchester Complex Safeguarding hub members Megan Mayhew and Louise Toye.

Rozanne Stevens, practice manager of Rochdale’s Sunrise team will also be presenting on the local context. 

There will have a Q&A opportunity at the end.

The conference is virtual this year and will be held on MS Teams – you will be sent links to the session once you’re booked on.

There are only 25 places available per session so please book early to avoid disappointment.

The sessions are free but charged if you book a place and fail to attend.

To register for a place at the conference, click on the dates below:

Dates available:

19/02/2021 (9:30 - 12:00 pm)

19/02/2021 (1:30 - 4:00 pm)

24/02/2021 9:30 - 12:00 pm)

24/02/2021 (1:30 - 4:00 pm)

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