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Multi-agency Audit 

In addition to its work on Serious Case Reviews, RBSCP also undertakes a quality assurance process through a rolling programme of audits, set out in the RBSCP Business Plan.  The purpose of audit is to identify areas of good practice and areas of concern and to influence service improvement. Emerging themes provide a basis for further, more focused audit activity. There is a clear focus on impact and outcomes and recommendations from audit are compiled into a SMART action plan that is implemented through one of the Board’s sub groups.

Multi Agency Case File Audit 

The  MACFA is one  method that the Safeguarding Board uses to track improvements and to identify areas for development.  It involves a programme of in depth, themed audits, that take place throughout the year.



Audit 4  Focus Group – Intra familial sexual abuse 


Audit 3  MACFA Missing/CSE 


Audit 2 Rapid MACFA  Early Help


Audit 1  Neglect Focus Group


MACFA 1 Domestic Abuse

MACFA 4 Early Help - Neglect Focus


MACFA 1 Thresholds

MACFA 2 Missing from Home

MACFA 3 Early Intervention


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