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Short Films and Educational Resource Packs

Children Missing Education 

Short film: Just Someone 

A short film commissioned by Rochdale Borough Council with Kingsway Park High School and M6 Theatre to raise awareness of children missing in education and child sexual exploitation.

Just Someone  Resource Pack and Lesson Plans

Hate Crime

Short film: Don't Hate Me    

Pupils at St. Luke's Primary School worked alongside M6 Theatre Company to produce this short film about hate crime. The film is aimed at children in Key Stage 2 and it is a fantastic resource for schools to use to raise discussions around hate crime.                                                              Don't hate me: lesson plans

Mental Health

Short film: Clueless

Commissioned by NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG in partnership with Healthy Young Minds Rochdale, Clueless is one of a series of short, single voice plays by M6, aiming to raise awareness around, and support for mental health issues for audiences 13+.

The monologue and interactive workshop toured seven schools for two weeks in November, as well as being spotlighted at a local cultural conference. 

Clueless: Resource Pack

'Honour' Based Violence

Short Film: Not in my honour

The Not In My Honour  play was commissioned by Greater Manchester Police, developed and delivered by Contact, and written by award winning playwright Aisha Zia. Talented  young people from local schools in Greater Manchester helped to create the finished text through a process of research, discussion, workshops and test performances. The piece widens out the issue of honour crime to include gender, identity and young people’s human rights in a way that enables audiences to reflect on the themes and see the resonances with their own lives, whatever their own background or life experience.

Not in my honour: script


Hench looks at what it means to be strong and how, for boys and young men, being strong may not always be the best way to stay well

Trailer and film

Internet safety


Rochdale's Children's Champion and the Youth Cabinet developed an e-safety presentation that you can download here.

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